Is communication an issue in your organization? Are your employees creating difficult situations with customers or other employees? Are your employees struggling to represent your business well?

Each person brings their own personality and history to every conversation in the workplace. We have all learned to communicate from other people through our daily interactions. Our parents, teachers, coaches, and managers have all influenced the way that we communicate at work.

Good communication skills are critical to the success of a business, yet prioritizing improvement is often overlooked or left to each person to figure out on their own. If there is training, it is often a one-time training with no follow-up, leaving organizations frustrated with the minimal impact and lack of transformation.

Fortunately, there are better ways to improve communication.

For example:

  • Provide useful techniques to improve self-awareness and situational awareness.
  • Spread training over time, giving people the opportunity to apply what they learn without being overloaded with information.
  • Provide regular one-on-one mentoring to help reinforce the training and provide individualized assistance to help each person in their unique circumstances.

Informational training, by itself, will never achieve the impact of having an experienced mentor who can provide objective input to an individual’s particular situation.

Our Communication for IT Professionals program is a 4-week engagement (limited to a maximum of 6 participants) that will have a transformative effect for each participant. The training package consists of:

  • Weekly virtual group training consisting of four 1-hour sessions which provide approximately 30 minutes of content presentation and 30 minutes of group discussion so that they are not overloaded with information each session and have an opportunity to openly discuss real-world situations.
  • Four 30-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions (one per week) with an experienced IT Leader for each participant to discuss unique situations, receive individualized guidance and support, and to get objective perspectives in a safe environment.
  • Unlimited text and email communication for each participant with their mentor throughout the 4 weeks to provide each participant the opportunity to get input on situations that may arise throughout the week between sessions.

Meet the Team

Patrick Corkum

Patrick Corkum has experience as a developer, Tech Lead, Manager, Director, and CIO. He understands both the ops side and the dev side. Outside of work, he loves video games, coffee, beer, bacon, cheese, and pretty much anything outdoors. He earned my blackbelt in taekwondo, is a horrible golfer, and a decent bowler. He is married with 6 kids, an adorable granddaughter, and a Master's degree in Theology.

Jeremy Chwang

Jeremy brings extensive technology leadership experience building products and supplying services to the healthcare sector, including consumer-driven health, benefits administration, medical quality management, and FWA payer programs. Having worked for small, privately owned / equity-backed companies through Fortune 100 organizations, Jeremy brings mature scale to match the needs of teams targeting aggressive growth and market penetration. Jeremy has a proven record of success driving business transformations, optimizing service delivery and building high-performing teams that enable aggressive company growth.